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Quai 21 is a value-added event and business flat for your receptions and business meeting Room in Cannes

Office room rental designed for unstressed meetings.

Quai 21 is located at the southern end of Cannes Old Harbour, on the ground floor of a 19th-century villa. This 90-sq m apartment and its secluded 62 sq. m. terrace have been entirely renovated to adapt to the needs of your meetings while avoiding all the off-putting aspects of a workplace. The 70 sq. m. reception room and bar open onto the harbour and the sea through four bay windows. This space can de divided into two separate rooms by glass panels which black out as if by magic and fold away completely.

Comfort and high-Tech video conference facility in Cannes

This modular meeting room is thoughtfully designed to allow all participants to meet round a table or in the easy chairs for high-quality and warm meetings, projections, etc...

The 65" screen can be transformed into an interactive touch screen to give extra richness and animation to your visual presentation.
Thanks to its modular configuration, when the glass screens are folded away, this meeting room is fully open to the reception lounge.

Quai 21, your VIP meeting room in Cannes

Situated opposite the communications centre, the modern fireplace with its triple hearth highlights the video-projection screen on which you can watch a preview in Blue Ray of one the films selected for the Festival, while relaxing in the comfortable sofa and enjoying perfect sound thanks to the 5.1 surrounding system.

A concept coming from a double experience

Former journalist (RTL - France Télévision), communication advisor and seminar and convention presenter, Nicolas ANGEL used his experience to create and implement this new concept of apartment designed for business meetings. This unusual place fully meets company directors' needs in communications. As a director of "GF & Cie Communication", Nicolas ANGEL chose to develop Quai 21 .

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